New Construction Cleaning

We at JennyClean have found that new construction...

Cleaning can be a problem for builders and new home owner. Most cleaning companies areunprepared for what it takes to make a new home look great. We believe we have the solution for both builders and new home owners that expect excellence in the care and cleaning of the new home.

  • Flat rate pricing .35 cents a sq ft

  • Two cleaning included in this price

  • 1st clean is the bulk removal of construction materials

  • Making builders happy

  • 2nd clean is the detailed move in clean

  • Making home owners happy

  • This is a win win system for both builders and owners!

100% Clean Guarantee

We are committed to the success of our builders and will give your clients a guarantee that their home is free of construction materials. Give them our card and we will take care of anything that we have missed

Give your clients the gift of JennyClean!

For an additional $75 give your clients a first home cleaning after they have settled into their new home.
This includes up to a 4 hour cleaning a $140 value.